The INT-V032 is designed for video image encryption and transmits through a traditional analog RF channel. It offers the ability to securely transmit audio and video data from cameras to monitors, although one encoder/decoder will be required on each side (transmitting/receiving).


  • Automatic smart decryption mode
  • Interchangeable when used in decoding mode

In addition to its other features, the INT-V032 system provides input and output for analog video, and is available in both PAL and NTSC formats.

The device is connected in line between the video camera and the transmitter, and between the receiver and the television/monitor. The algorithm governing signal and device definition means that devices with the same key can be interchangeable. We do recommend the use our reception and transmission equipment to ensure the highest quality signal.

Note that the INT-V032 is compatible with both color and black and white cameras, and the smart encoding feature offers automatic switching between encode/decode functions. In this scenario, only one unit would be required on receiver side, and would automatically detect incoming encrypted signals, change mode, and decrypt the signal without any manual input needed from the operator.

The encoding key for this unit is four hexadecimal digits, and dynamic encoding means that picture lines will mix from frame to frame. Note that encoding and decoding do require a significant amount of bandwidth.

Connection to a PC or laptop via the COM port is possible, and the proprietary software allows users to set up the system and enter the encoding key. In most cases, the software/system arrives preconfigured, so no setup within the software is required.

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