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Wireless remote video surveillance system with support of Ethernet technology


The system is designed for networking of remote video surveillance complexes.

The complexes provide quick deploy of a local wireless self-organizing network over a large space, each element of which provides communication with the central control point both directly and through other network elements by means of relaying.

The complexes can include both stationary and mobile objects.

The system supports the simultaneous operation of up to 6 network elements.

Based on OFDM modulation, the system is able to operate in urban environments. In the absence of direct communication between two network elements, the system is able to relay data through other network elements.

Any type of data can be transmitted in the network, including video, audio, telemetry data, control commands.

User friendly web interface makes it easy to set each element of the network, including the remote setting mode.

The Ethernet technology of communication with external devices provides connection to the network elements any devices like computers, routers, IP cameras, IP PTZ devices, IP video recorders, etc.


• Video modules providing HDMI and CVBS interfaces. This option allows to connect analog video cameras to the system.

• RS-485 interface to control tilting devices and PTZ-cameras.

• AES-256 data protection module.

• Wi-Fi module.

• GPS module.

• Function of frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). A feature of the frequency hopping is the frequent change of the carrier frequency within the specified range, which increases the noise immunity of the communication channel.

Complete Set

Transmission module

Antennas (2 pcs.)

Power supply unit

Set of connecting cables


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