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Camouflaged in Carry-Bag Mini HD Video System Based on Video Transmitters and Video Recorders


The INT-V012 system is designed for covert video and audio recording, as well as taking photographs. Designed as a carry-bag, the system includes everything required for the job. Full kit contents include:

  • Pin-hole lens HD video camera
  • Stereo mic
  • 5V USB battery for video cam
  • Wireless remote


The system automatically stores all recorded information on an SD card for easy retrieval. GPS functionality allows location-based information to be embedded in footage, as well. Using the remote allows real time image monitoring, control over all recording capabilities, and system configuration changes.

Note that a video cam can be controlled from a cellphone through a WiFi network. The unit is compatible with iOS and Android 4.0 or higher.


  • HD video format
  • Video transmission and control over Wi-Fi
  • Snapshot capabilities
  • Video can be received on any cellphone
  • Wired mic connection (external)
  • Configurable camera and lens
  • Customizable camouflage
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