The INT-V006 video recorder offers powerful performance, and we designed it to deliver in real-world situations. It provides real-time surveillance capabilities and digital recording, while transmitting on the 3G GSM network (cellular signal).

The video recorder captures audio and video data by means of cam and mic connected to device and records that information straight to the SD card on the recorder. Data is also transmitted directly to either an email address, or to a selected FTP service using 3G data.

This provides the ability to view footage in near real-time, with the only delay caused by the time it takes to transmit the information. However, using the video call function on a laptop or cellphone provides true real-time surveillance capabilities.

Choose to record by manual command through the remote control, or by presetting a particular time. You can also choose to record when the dry contact alarm sensor is triggered. Any alarms triggered are automatically sent as text messages, and pictures are delivered via both MMS and email.

Use the provided software to control the recorder, or opt to use the SMS command functionality (modem is included in the delivery set). The recorder also features USB type PC connection and charging, and can use any SIM card with data transfer capabilities (must be activated). You can also set a PIN to prevent unwanted access to the recorder’s data.

This device can also be paired with any analog camera, and using a special adapter allows the device to be used with PTU cameras.

INT-V006 jacks:

  • cam
  • mic
  • USB
  • RS232/RS485


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Video or snapshot functionality
  • Send data/footage via email or over 3G connection
  • View footage with a laptop or cellphone
  • Alarm-triggered recording
  • Control via SMS or software
  • Use a non-IP SIM card
  • PIN-code data protection
  • Li-PO battery

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