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CAMOUFLAGED Miniature HD DVR with Wireless Remote Control


The INT-V005-C super-slim smartphone camouflaged DVR is designed to provide high-quality (HD) video and audio recordings via two-channel input, saved to a micro-SD card. It offers built-in camera and microphone, and can be operated by remote control on up to 50 meters distance. The operating software allows users to control settings and change them as required.


• Record at low, medium, good or highest quality to suit various needs.

• Capable of recording HD video.

• Internal microphone (mono) and camera

• Start and stop recording via wired and wireless remote (up to 50 m).

• Extended operating time

• Supports up to 256 GB micro-SD cards

• Date and time stamp embedded in video

• Timer/VOX mode start/stop operation

• Records Authentication

• Password protect files (AES256).

• Micro-USB connector allows connection to PCs and other devices

• Dedicated software for adjusting parameters and data download

INT-V005-C Delivery Set

Name of iTEM Availability
INT-V005-C Smartphone Camouflaged Recorder

Remote Control

Memory Card 64 GB (x1)
Card Reader USB / MicroSD


Inbuilt HD Video Camera

Inbuilt Microphone (mono)

Inbuilt Accumulator 720mA*h


PSU (mains)

PSU (vehicle)

Cable USB / USB micro

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