Ultra compact yet powerful, the INT-V004 portable DVR captures both video and audio, and saves directly to an onboard SD card. The unit can be remotely controlled via either the wired controller, or the wireless remote control. Timer start/stop functionality is also available. It comes equipped with a durable OLED screen, all controls are front-mounted for easy access. Note that recordings are saved in a proprietary format, and require conversion with specific software to be recovered. This unit can also connect to video cameras in either the BAND or BAND-CAMO series.


  • 3 recording quality modes to suit varying needs (low, medium and high)
  • 720x576i max resolution
  • Confirm recording authenticity
  • Wired microphone is permanent
  • Equipped with an external video camera
  • Pairs with PAL cameras (5,12V)
  • Record with one touch
  • Control recording via remote with recording status indicator
  • Li-PO battery built in (up to 4,5 h operation) or USB PSU
  • Support for SD cards up to 128 GB
  • Proprietary recording format (only special dedicated software can recover records)
  • Timer start/stop functionality
  • Time/date stamp on video

Note that this unit is usable with a number of optional accessories, including upgraded remote controls, an IR motion sensor, and a VOX sensor.

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