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The INT-SD002 is intended for non-destructive monitoring of the environment. The INT-SD002 consists of the control unit and antenna units. The dedicated antennas can be easily changed in accordance with the tasks and operation needs.

The INT-SD002 unit is suitable for tasks when we need to locate human bodies dead or alive under rubble or debris. It is most commonly used by emergency groups during search &rescue operations after earthquakes or other natural disaster situations.

The control unit provides control of all operation modes. There are 2 types of control units- one channel (one antenna unit connectivity) and two channel (two antenna units connectivity).

The control unit is operated via PC/laptop via Ethernet/ Wi-Fi, provides adjustment of antenna units’ parameters via RS422 interface. It is possible to send commands in operation mode, receive data from the antenna unit, provide data processing, transfer the data via Ethernet to PC/laptop after processing.

Antenna Units

Antenna units offer frequencies from 50 MHz for great depths geological survey to up to 2500 MHz for having highly resolution pictures. The lower frequencies of antenna units provide larger depth of sounding. Higher frequencies antenna units are more suitable for higher resolution scans of the closer surface sections. It is also recommended to combine the antenna units with different frequencies to achieve better results.

Shielded Antenna Units

In cases when operation is performed under air jamming environments (f.e. construction works, power transmission lines, etc.) it is recommended to use the antenna units with shielded screen receiver and transmitter. It allows to avoid the effects from the top semi sphere.

Frequency, MHz Penetration depth, meters Resolution, centimeters
2 500 0,6 1,5
1 700 3
1 200 1,5 3
900 1,5 3
700 3 10
400 5 15
250 8 25
150 12 35
100 14 45
90 16 50

Horn Antenna Units

Such antenna units are suitable for tasks related to the high-speed survey of elongated objects such as motorways and railways, which reqire ground lift-off device location.

Frequency, MHz Penetration depth, meters Resolution, centimeters
2 500 0,4 1,5
2 000 0,6 2
1 700 0,8 3
1 000 1,5 4
400 3 10

Dual Frequency Antenna Units

The integrated multi-frequency INT-SD002 is intended for automated real-time simultaneous localization of objects at various depths.

Frequency, MHz Penetration depth, meters Resolution, centimeters
300/900 7/2.5 20/8
250/700 8/3 25/10
150/400 12/5 35/15

Multiple Frequency Antenna Units

We can customize our low and high frequency antenna units on customer request.

Antenna 400 MHZ

(is specifically designed to be used for detecting human bodies)

The Software

  • Visualization of information;
  • Real-time processing;
  • Automation of data processing;
  • Compatible format (can be used by any third­ party geophysical software)

Delivery Set

The INT-SD002 includes control unit and antenna units

  • Control unit based on a PC/ Laptop/Processing Unit
  • Power supply unit
  • Charger
  • Handle (depends on antenna unit)
  • Software
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