INT-SD001 Survivors Detection Solution

This unit is a portable solution capable of detecting movements and breathings of people buried beneath wreckage after earthquakes, terror attack (bomb blast), etc.

The INT-SD001 operates on the basis of GPR technology. The unit makes it possible to accuratly determine locations of survived people and measure the accurate distance to the body. This is an ideal tool for rescue teams to be used after earthquakes, natural disasters or terrorist acts.

The unit has a user friendly interface. Just a single press of a button starts the unit and the GPR signals and sent to the wreckage. The unit detects breathing and movements of people. The device is complemented by a Tablet PC with visualisation of distance to target. The movements are shown with red lines and breathings with blue lines.

Distinctive Features

  • Detect and find survived people under wreckage after earthquakes, natural disaster
  • Breathing and movement detection methods
  • User friendly visualisation on Tablet PC
  • Over 18m movement detection
  • Over 6m breathing detection
  • Comes with a rugged waterproof case
  • Long battery life
  • 100m Wi-Fi range

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