INT-RM003 RF Monitoring and Spectrum Analysis System

INT-RM003 is a multichannel radio frequencies monitoring system that is expandable, and quite powerful. It can assist with electromagnetic environment analysis, including automatic detection, identification, localization and blocking of RF bugging devices that have the capability to transmit data via current carrying lines or radio waves.

The system can be used in multiple ways – stationary, mobile, and portable. It features high sensitivity, high resolution, and a high scanning rate. This allows the system to detect signals quickly and accurately. It can find any sources of radio emission and signals that are between 10 MHz and 6 GHz.

It features a basic software package to help with automatic detection, analysis, classification, and recording of signals. The system can also have other software and hardware modules that can expand the capabilities and scope for varied operating conditions.

Using spaced out antennas, the device can detect signal sources, get an estimate of their parameters and locate the sources of radio transmissions in checked rooms. It can select only signals that are coming from inside sources, which can help to find leaks. The INT-RM003 also has a vector signal analyzer (VSA). This helps it to study spectral, time and modulation characteristics of radio signals in real time. It also has an automatic recorder to write the phonograms of demodulated radio signals to the computer’s memory.

Basic capabilities

The system can perform many functions:

  • Online inspection of rooms, current carrying lines, telephone lines and other communication lines, planted unauthorized radio transmitters or wire line transmitters
  • Monitoring the workplace, office rooms or the entire building for planted sources of unauthorized emissions. This can include those that are remotely controlled, activated for just a short time, or that are carried into a room for meetings and more
  • It can evaluate method of info leakage via IT systems, communication sets and other equipment
  • Monitoring of electromagnetic environment in a room, as well as solving general radio surveillance tasks can happen around the clock.

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