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The INT-RM003 is a complete operational two-radio TSCM system in a single unit.

It can operate over all radio access technologies (RATs), including GSM, UMTS, and LTE- FDD/TDD, 5G NSA.

It is controlled wirelessly through a user-friendly Android app. The system is aimed to capture target devices and finding their location on all RAT (Radio Access Technologies.

Operational Flexibility

  • 2g, 3g, 4g, and 5g-nsa support
  • fully automated bts setup
  • 2-channel single integrated sdr unit
  • fully integrated in 1 case (antenn fully integrated in 1 case is included)
  • 2 power options


Key Features

  • Fast network scan, advanced algorithms for BTS selection, and user-configurable RAT/channel redirection.
  • Fast local network scan
  • Can be used to directly monitor areas at risk of insecurity with mobile devices for temporary or it can be left to run 24/7
  • It also supports white/black listing of devices for strictly controlled denial of service
  • Industry-leading SDR hardware

Distinctive Features

  • The maximum output power of each transmitteris up to 2W adjustable;
  • The presence of a scanning mode for frequencyranges with the determination of mobilecommunication pararameters of GSM/UMTS/LTE networks in the zone of its location (MCC,MNC, LAC, CID, BCCH ARFCN, UARFCN, PSC,RAC, EARFCN, TAC, PCI);
  • Detection of MT (mobile terminal) in the enabledstate in the BSE affected area and theiridentification (determination of IMSI and IMElsystem numbers in GSM/UMTS and IMSI in LTEnetworks);
  • Registration of IMSI and IMEI system numbers, aswell as the date and time of registration with thesaving all the results obtained in the database;
  • Notification of the product operator when theidentified MT identifiers coincide with thepredetermined ones;
  • Ability to send SMS messages from the productoperator (changeable number) to any registered MT;
  • Forced transfer of MT to GSM/DCS standard.
  • Power supply from an external DC power sourcewith a voltage of 12.0 V to 24.0 V or from aportable battery(supplied).

Delivery Set

  • Base station emulation unit (BSE unit)
  • BSE power supply with 220 V cable
  • Two-channel data transmission antenna
  • Data reception antenna
  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • Smartphone/Tablet/Compact Laptop with Management Software (either one)
  • Portable battery with Spare (option)
  • Antenna Cable Kit x 2
  • Signal amplitude direction finder (option)
  • Shipping Case/Bag/Backpack
  • Operational documentation
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