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Version 2 INT-RM002-30B (9 kHz-30 GHz)


INT-RM002-30B system of radio monitoring and digital signal analysis is designed for round-the-clock, continuous radio monitoring of the object and detection of unauthorized radio transmissions, including those with complex concealment algorithms, as well as for the analysis of digital communication standards. The system can be used as an IQ recorder with a recording bandwidth of up to 40 MHz. With additional accessories, complex can be used as an amplitude direction finder.


A system with a built-in RPU with an ADC unit with control from a PC via LAN 1 GbE. The system consists of a monoblock with a height of 50mm and it can be installed both in a 19-inch rack and freely placed in various installation locations (underfloor space, wall cabinets, etc.). Round-the-clock operation mode. An autonomous power supply system can be installed in the monoblock for at least 5 hours of operation. There is a 4-channel antenna switch (in the range from 25 MHz to 9 GHz).


All systems with built-in batteries can charge the batteries during operation. The type of battery used (LiFePO4) allows the device to be used in extreme operating conditions. Operating temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius. Storage temperatures from -30 to +60. They are as safe as possible to use – they do not ignite and do not explode, even if they are depressurized. The extended input voltage range (9-36 volts) allows the system to be used on various infrastructure and modes of transport.

Unique Features

  • Work under the control of the unique specialised software
  • Maintaining high speed with narrow bandwidth – Use as a manual amplitude Direction Finder
  • 4 RF inputs of the same type, allowing you to implement various methods of comparative analysis or connect antennas of different ranges simultaneously
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