INT-RM001 RF Monitoring and Spectrum Analysis System

The solution provides a wide range of options for monitoring and analyzing of signals.

The system features an enlarged bandwidth up to 6.000 Megahertz, along with a Max. scanning rate over 2.000 Megahertz/s in 20 Kilohertz monitoring bandwidth. The dynamic range is about 116 dB.

The basic unit is about the same size as a 13′ laptop. It weighs only about 3,9kg, and it can fit into a laptop bag for easy carrying and concealment. It can detect and perform analysis of DECT/TETRA/GSM/Bluetooth/DMR/APCO25/DRM/DVB/APCO 25/DMR (MOTOTRBO)/DRM demodulation/PAL/SECAM/NTSC TV display as well as digital signal analysis (vector diagram/filtration/decimation and digital signal shift in vectors (I/Q)). The solution can locate WiFi equipment and it can analyze WiFi networks. Remote control is available using WAN or LAN.

The system offers many features including a simple software interface, the ability to task packages for scanning across many different tasks. You can assign parameters to each. Other features of the system include spectral patterns, panorama, measurement with cursors and markers, saving tasks to rerun them again, adjust the threshold line, a frequency assignment databases, and more.

The solution is also capable of providing the following options: a real time HF spectra analyzers, LF analysis, automated detection response, the ability to export to Excel/Word, an extra control of receiving unit for analyzing low frequencies, a scalable spectral panorama, list of signals detected, spectra analyzers (max 8 Megahertz), auto processing of signals, IQ data, frequency assignment DB, scalability, and the choice of adding extra options.

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