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The INT-OD007 is a portable 3-channel multispectral unit for 24/7 surveillance.

Designed for reconnaissance and search & rescue operations, night patrolling, covert surveillance and tracking, protection of VIP objects, areas and zones, search for caches, evidence, etc.

Observation device INT-OD007 is a highly effective combined means of round-the-clock all-weather surveillance.

The INT-OD007 is a three-channel optical-electronic multispectral system.

The main channel is thermal imaging channel, based on an uncooled multi-element IR converter with a format of 640×480 / 17 µm and a sensitivity of at least 50 mK, and also a lens with a focal length of 75 mm.

The second channel is the optical laser location channel operating in the “dual” mode. It provides detection of long-focus optical and optoelectronic means of observation and aiming at a distance of up to 1500 m.

The third channel is a laser range finder with an operating wavelength of 1.54 µm. The equipment provides detection of observers or sniper optics and determination of their coordinates. Observation results can be recorded as individual frames or video clips on memory card with a capacity of at least 8 GB.


Applications Areas

  • VIP protection
  • Law enforcement activities
  • Counter – terrorism operations
  • Criminal investigation
  • Tactical/Intelligence/ Reconnaissance missions
  • Border protection
  • Strategic objects protection
  • Peacekeeping missions
  • Private military companies
  • Search and rescue operations


Distinctive Features

  • thermal vision channel
  • optical laser location channel
  • photo, video recording
  • gps/glonass navigation
  • laser rangefinder

Usability Features

  • Easy to use
  • Long operating time (8 hours)
  • Low weight – only 2,1 kg (with battery)


This device can be quite helpful for many different types of operations in the field. This could include ops for recon, tactical ops, SWAT teams, surveillance groups, personal guards, patrols, peacekeeping, and more.

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