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The vibro-acoustic and acoustic protection system

INT-NG001 is designed to counteract special devices for searching unauthorized data that use the wall of the room as a leakage path.

Such devices include:

  • electronic and acoustic stethoscopes, which are used for cutting ceilings, floors and walls;
  • wired and wireless microphones installed on wall or water pipes and heating pipes;
  • Laser and microwave data retrieval systems that work through window openings.


INT-NG001 provides protection by creating broadband vibrational noise interference in potentially hazardous room structures. Vibroacoustic noise interference is generated by a generator and transmitted to structures through vibrating transducers. The product also supports the installation of an acoustic radiator to protect closed air spaces (air ducts, wells, etc.).

INT-NG001 is a 2-channel noise generator that allows up to 16 transducers to be connected to a single channel. The maximum number of transducers is limited to 32. The device is used for working with vibroacoustic electromagnetic transducers with low noise level as terminals. The product can also work with acoustic transducers (dynamic radiators, acoustic systems, etc.). The terminal connection scheme depends on the required level of protection and can be represented by parallel, sequential or combined connection of the required number of converters.

Electromagnetic vibrating transducers for windows, walls and pipes

Electromagnetic vibrating transducers for windows, walls and pipes are designed for installation on the glass of window blocks, in various elements of building structures (walls, ceilings, floors) located in target rooms or in engineering communications (pipelines) that go beyond the target premises. The vibrating transducer, depending on the installation site, is supplied with fasteners for windows, walls or pipes.

Size Up to 4×2,5 cm
Weight Up to 120 g

Acoustic Radiator

The acoustic radiator is designed to protect voice data from interception through direct acoustic, vibroacoustic and optoacoustic channels. The device is designed to protect voice data in a standard room with an accessible power line of 220 V.

The principle of operation is based on the generation of white noise in the acoustic frequency range and, thus, an increase in the acoustic noise – the speech signal. A radiator can protect a room with a volume of up to 50 m3. If you work in a larger room, you need to use several radiators.

It is recommended to install acoustic radiators in the immediate vicinity of the possible location of the interception system. In practice, acoustic radiators are installed in the following places: in door and window openings, in ventilation ducts and air ducts, near engineering communications.


Frequency Range 180-11,3 kH
Power consumption, 220 V / 50 Hz 10W
Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz, 5 V
Size (w/o antenna) 6,5×6,5×2 cm
Weight (w/o antenna) 200 g
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