INT-MP003 Multipurpose RF Detection Unit

The unit is intended for detection and finding eavesdropping electronic devices. It can reveal both natural and artificial types of concealed surveillance and information leakage.

Distinctive Features

  • Allows detection of various types of eavesdropping electronic devices, used for covert surveillance.
  • The system features a wide range of technical possibilities, with a set of additional supplementary accessories that allow users to locate the most physical fields utilized by eavesdropping units.
  • PC connectivity allows the device to be controlled from the PC screen. All data can be saved to PC.
  • The solution aimed to find RF mics, RF cameras, RF trackers, RF stations, handsets, phoneswith RF output, RF/WIFI modems, telephone line transmitting units, throughwall listening bugs.

The device has the capability to determine the difference of signals from base and those from cell phones. The device features three channels for detection. These channels can search for signals in various frequency ranges. They have adapters, sensors, and antennas that will adapt the device to process searches for various types of eavesdropping devices, as well as of natural information leakage.

Color LCD displays the results, and the user controls the device with a twelvekey interface. The design and the interface is simple.

The INT-MP003 can identify standard digital data transmission channels including 2G(GSM)/DECT, B-TOOTH/WiFi. It offers a feature to allow connection to a PC. This can increase the ability for archiving and imaging. The user can utilize the USB port to upgrade software if needed.

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