INT-MP002 Multipurpose RF Detection Unit

The unit is intended for detection and finding eavesdropping electronic devices. It can reveal both natural and artificial types of concealed surveillance and information leakage.

The solution features a main controlling and indication unit, as well as a set of converters. It can operate in a range of modes including:

  • HF/SHF/IR detection and RF measuring modes
  • Line analysis mode
  • Acoustical convertion mode
  • LF amplification and magnetical field analysis modes

The INT-MP002 can aid in the following monitoring and search areas:

  1. RF eavesdropping electronics, including:
    • RF mics
    • Telephone bugs
    • RF through wall stethoscopes
    • Hidden video RF cameras
    • RF irradiating in a radio band
    • Image transmit via PC over RF
    • RF trackers
    • RF stations, phones with RF output
    • Data processing complemented by EMR (PC elements, fax, printers, etc).
  2. Eavesdropping electronics operating with IR band radiation including:
    • IR transmission type units
    • IR band irradiating units
  3. Eavesdropping electronics operating via conduction lines for data transmission.
    • AC power lines
    • Telephone, other lines
  4. Detect and localize EM field sources with a magnetic elements. It is also possible to convert speech information. Some of the sources include:
    • Dynamic speakers
    • Audio amplifiers
    • Electric motors in old type portable recorders
  5. Finding vibro acoustical channels of information leakage, as well as analysis of vibro-acoustical protection systems efficiency.
  6. Finding acoustical channels of information leakage, as well as analysis of sound insulation at various locations.

The solution processes LF signals in 2 modes: oscilloscope, spectrum analyser mode. The unit’s memory has the capability to save 99 images.

The dedicated software will allow:

  • Data transfer from INT-MP002 display to the PC
  • Creation of graphic and audio file database in real time, or retrieved from memory.
  • Firmware upgrades

Can work together with scanning receiving unit (AR-8.000, 8.200, 5.000).

The system is compatible with receiving unit while working in the HF detection or frequency measuring and line analysis mode. The receiving frequency of the receiver is adjused to meet the frequency of received signal.

The unit is portable, and easy to store and handle.

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