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The INT-LN003 high speed gas drill system is a unique solution designed for tactical drilling operations as a last level support for creating small up to 0,4 mm pinholes using an almost no noise high pressure gas technology.

Unique Features

  • Can take in any dry substance high pressure gas
  • Offers cylinders of high volume to mix and waste carbide
  • Provides an extremely accurate and fast drilling than any other available systems
  • A variety of needles for creating pinholes from 0,4 to 1 mm in diameter
  • Uses commercial (easy to get) external power supply units
  • Pressure Measuring System is available with the system
  • External valve unit for shutdown control with easy clean option
  • Setting adjustment is performed electronically for start and stop time
  • Ergonomic design and module architecture
  • 1-2 minutes start to work time


The next distinctive advantage of the low noise gas drill system is our state of the art Pressure Managing System offering an in­ built electronic high-pressure sensor module to monitor the outcoming flow in mBar. The LCD screen is used to display the values. The Pressure Managing System can be used to adjust the difference between the current pressure and the shutdown pressure in mBar. Different materials require certain parameters to be inputted. The pressure managing system can also adjust the start and st op time (10-90 sec).

Assembling the INT-LN003 Low Noise Gas Drill System

For system operation, the mix cylinder and waste collector cylinder have to be assembled on the Valve Shutdown System. For avoiding mistakes in assembly, the high pressure connectors are marked with colours.

The Pressure Measuring System should be linked with the Valve Shutdown System and the external Power Supply Unit.

Next, the Haft should be assembled and connected to Valve Shutdown System and waste collector cylinder. The outer flow connector links to the entry of the pressure sensor on the Pressure Measuring System and your Low Noise Gas Drill system is ready for operation. The system has a module architecture, which is the next important advantage over the other systems available on the market today.

A special training course is available for the system to obtain the knowledge of operation and all system features.

Delivery Set

1x     Mix cylinder of high volume for the silicon carbide

1x     Waste cylinder of high volume

1x     Valve Shutdown System

1x     Pressure Measuring System

1x     Power supply unit (PSU) (from 6 to 21 v, recharge) with charging unit

1x     Haft with in and out steel tube

1x     Extenders for both in and out steel tube

1x     Cable for PSU

1x     Cable for Valve Shutdown and Pressure Measuring Systems

1x     Needle container (6 pieces)

1x     Washers container

1x     Paper filters container

1x     Silicon carbide container

1x     Waste cylinder metallic filter

1x     6mm high pressure tube (10 meters)

1x     4mm high pressure tube (10 meters)

1x     4mm silicon tube

1x     Helium flow pressure meter

1x     Rugged case

Tubes are packed in Mil Type Backpack

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