INT-LN001 Low Noise Drill

The LN001 low noise drilling system is small and provides, as the name suggests, a relatively low amount of noise. This device has a range of new and impressive features. It has a quality battery pack that is rechargeable, control panel, remote hand control attached to a corrugated cable, and a powerful motor and gearbox.

The device can allow operators to quickly and easily get the access needed in a target building or room. This will make it easier to get the audio and video needed for intelligence operations of all sorts. One of the other nice features is that this does not utilize water as a method of cooling the drill bit; there is no danger of compromising the intelligence operation because of leaking water.

The device has an obstruction detector, which is useful for locating obstacles. If can also check for metals, studs in the wall, pipes, and similar items. It can be a very useful tool for many types of operations.

The kit comes with a drill guide, which helps to make getting started with the device faster and easier.

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