The INT-JD005 is a non-linear junction detector unit. The device is aimed to detect and find various types of surveillance equipment with semiconductor components (bugs, eavesdropping devices) concealed in rooms, furniture, vehicles, especially at places with large amount of electronics.

The unit is very powerful when identifying the miniature electronic devices (1x2cm) at close or far distance. This can be helpful in those events when an object needs analysis at range for safety.

The INT-JD005 has a high probing signal frequency. It also has a narrow antenna directional pattern. It is a better quality instrument than the competitors in the field when it comes to range, accuracy of positioning, and selectivity.

The INT-JD005 is a powerful unit providing advanced options. The unit is capable of finding semiconductor components through hole, gap even without ground protection. The principle of operation is based on reflexion from the surface.

Main Competitve Advantages

  • The device is capable of finding electronics on long distances, several times larger than other units on the market (6-10 meters).
  • The unit features an antenna with a narrow directional pattern and an aiming laser
  • Mark points have less than 300 mm interval. Similar devices cannot find a three harmonics simulator due to masking interference of a two harmonics simulator. The INT-JD005 is capable of finding and selecting mark points at a distance more than a meter.
  • The unit has low weight and was developed with the use of advanced technologies.
  • Extremely low EM effect on a person
  • Wireless earphones are included

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