The INT-JD001 is a professional non-linear junction detector aimed to detecting electronics concealed in room furniture, walls and other hidden places. The device can find the concealed devices whether they are turned on (transmitting or stand-by) or turned off.

The INT-JD001 tasks

  • Searching active and passive electronic devices used for hidden surveillance
  • Finding cell phones as well as SIM cards
  • Checking mails and packages for smuggling
  • Finding any unauthorized devices which contain semiconductor elements
  • Features

The device is highly sensitive having quite a low output power

  • The unit features a reliable operation with minimum of false alarm.
  • A responce analysis option is embedded in the device in AUDIO mode.
  • The unit has an ergonomic design with telescopic bar as well as an armrest holder for convenient use
  • The unit has operation time for up to four hours. Additional set of batteries can increase operating time for up to eight hours.
  • The device is supplied in a rugged casing.

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