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INT-J003 is a unique wide-band jamming system designed for protection against RCIED (remote controlled improvised explosive devices). The systems is implemented as a portable shockproof Peli-case the system to be able to use it for mobile applications

Transmitters, cellphones or radios usually used to activate bombs are transmitting signals with particular signal features (modulation/channel size/output power, etc.).

Thus, it is importantthat the jamming signal is generated and adapted individually to cover each RF signal. Several signal generating DDS chips are used for generating multiple jamming signals. The efficiency of the jammer is stipulated by the ability of generating the adapted RF signals (not only to the jammer output power). The INT-J003 system’s design and software provide the possibility to create any jamming signals with any modulation.


  • Critical infrastructure protection (government areas, religious places, crowded places)
  • Military and Homeland Security
  • Protection against espionage attacks


  • Programming signal generation for precise adaption to various withstanding signals
  • Up to 12xDDS chips for programming up to 12xfrequency bands
  • Unrivalled programming options
  • External battery PSU for faster battery
  • User friendly operation and fast start-to-work time in
  • Portable
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