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The INT-J002 is an advanced wideband reactive and/or active (barrage) vehicle-mounted jamming system installed for protection against RCIED (Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) or used for electronic warfare purposes.

The system can be installed on various models of SUVs or limousines to protect VIP convoys.

Mobile phones and radio transmitters (walkie-talkies, remote controls, etc.) used for remote control of explosives transmit a signal with different characteristics and behavior (modulation, channel bandwidth, power output, etc.). Thus, the INT-J002 jamming system is equipped with software to program each jamming band with tailored signal characteristics, which allows you to most effectively block the enemy signal. The control module can be supplied with an customized number of signal generators to generate multiple jamming signals covering various enemy communications means.

The frequency band 20-8000 MHz (extended frequency band on request) is ideally divided into several narrow frequency bands to accommodate narrowband antennas that provide higher antenna gain.


  • Reactive or active jamming mode (selectable)
  • Rugged MIL STD and easy-to-carry case
  • Individually programmable band signal generation for effective jamming of enemy signals
  • Modular rack system for individual frequency range upgrades
  • Advanced programming options
  • High Gain Omnidirectional Antennas
  • Powered by batteries, AC or power generator
  • Remote control/monitoring of the jamming system for complete control and surveillance of the system



  • VIP Convoy
  • Protection EOD field application
  • Electronic Warfare
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