INT-FS002 Fiberscope Surveillance Kit for Concealed Applications (with Audio and Motion Sensors)

The solution features a set of specialized fiberscopes (probes) aimed to use during low noise drilling ops. The fiberscopes will allow the user to view through pinholes, and to check on the progress of drilling. It also has an audio system. The kit features tactical motion sensors that can be used to alert you of people approaching. Visual images can be seen with the naked eye, or using the DVR monitor. The monitor can supply power to endoscope cameras – color and B&W. It also has a quality backpack to carry all the items. It is a discreet pack that is still durable and rugged. It also provided hands free carrying.

1mm Fiberscope

The specialized 1mm fiberscope is aimed to create an image through a pinhole. The 1mm fiberscope is located inside of an insertion tube (6mm), and connected to an eyepiece used for viewing. You can use you eye or b&w camera with DVR monitor. The best scenario is when you use it on pinholes of 2,5mm long. It can be used in building materials that are hard or soft.


  • Endoscope, through wall specialty
  • 1 mm fiberscope is capable of adjusting precision
  • Greatest quality of image – 17.000 pixel resolution
  • 34,5cm tube length
  • 9mm diameter available

Pinhole Camera Fiberscope

The fiberscope can provide a full screen image through the pinhole. It is 34,5cm long and has a diameter of just 6.35mm, along with a 1mm coned lens tip. The image provided by the probe can be viewed on a camera or the DVR monitor in color and B&W. It works well for plasterboard.


  • Video image is full screen
  • Color or B&W
  • 1mm cone pinhole tip
  • 9mm available

Positionable Fiberscope

The solution is a 6mm diameter fiberscope. It is flexible, and it offers illumination internally. It can be used to check on the progress of a drilling operation. It can also be used to check on changes of building materials at various stages. You could also use the scope for checking on the buildup of dust and for the last pinhole stage. The tube is rugged and resistant to wear. It takes two AA batteries to operate the LED light source.


  • 17.000 pixel resolution
  • LED illumination
  • Hard insertion tube
  • AA cell operation

Audio Scope

The solution is a specialized audio scope having a high quality microphone that is capable of listening through drilled holes and other small gaps. Again, the insertion scope is 35,5cm long and 6mm in diameter. This features a lead that’s a meter long, as well as an amplifier. The amp unit can connect to the user’s belt.

The headphones can be used together with the unit. It has an internal battery(12v), and you can charge the unit with the supplied charger. It can work for seven hours on a full charge.


  • Highly sensitive
  • Up to seven hours of life on a battery charge
  • Scope lead is detachable
  • Touch through wall insertion tube (stainless steel)

Tactical Motion Sensors

The sensors are wireless and simple to use. They will send an alert signal to a receiver small enough to fit in the pocket. The alert is sent if an object the size of a human passes within three meters of the sensor. It is a simple and effective way at providing security during any covert op.

The device features two sensors. Up to four of the sensors can be used with a single retriever though, and you can change out the types of sensors if you need to have different types of detection. For example, wide angle, remote head, or long range. A USB will charge the received, and the sensors utilize high drain lithium 1⁄2 AA cells


  • Discreet and very small sensors
  • Can receive alerts up to 1km away
  • Sound or vibration alerts available
  • Receiver indicates number of the sensor tripped
  • Long life for batteries

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