This unit is intended for finding small concealed video cameras(i.e. pinhole). The detector uses the concept of return flare to find the cameras that are in its field of vision. Cameras with a lens as small as 1 mm can be found from one to 50 m away. Of course, this will depend on the operating conditions.

It uses LEDs to light up targets, which provides an added layer of safety when compared with lasers. The unit operates in optical mode, you can detect optical devices whether they are on or off. The type of transmission is both radio or cable. Hoods for lenses, gauze, radio interference, and EM shielding will not prevent detection.

The device is compact and has great optical features such as a wide field of view, great image quality, and high magnification. It works with a single AA-type battery. The housing for the INT-CD004 is aluminum alloy. It is very easy to use.

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