INT-B002 Advanced 3D Ballistic Identification System


  • The newest unique technology on the market!
  • A specialized full surface scanner with dedicated software for automatic ballistic identification
  • Acquiring 3D shape color images of bullets/cartridge cases’ full surfaces
  • A great solution to complement the INT-B001 Automatic Ballistic Identification
  • System for more advanced forensic examinations.
  • Create descriptions of bullets/cartridge cases including color, material, etc.
  • Measures geometry of bullets/cartridge cases
  • Measures marks on bullets/cartridge cases
  • Measures relative position of marks on bullets/cartridge cases
  • You can enter object’s accompanying information
  • Save data in database
  • Examine and compare marks on bullets/cartridge cases
  • Create a catalog of images and characteristics of bullets/cartridge cases
  • Create a catalog of patterns by the marks on bullets/cartridge cases that identify the models of firearms
  • Create a catalog of patterns by geometrical parameters and characteristics of cartridge cases, that identify the types of cartridges
  • Identify a firearm model by marks on bullets/cartridge cases
  • Identify a cartridge type by geometrical dimensions and features of cartridge cases
  • Save photo data from the crime scene and enter the geographical coordinates of found objects