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INT-AU004 Manpack is a combination of INT-AU003 and an additional manpack (optionally powerful) jammer.

This is an ideal solution when drones and UAVs are detected visually, and if they need to be neutralized immediately by blocking Remote Control radio frequency communications or global satellite navigation system. An optional binoculars allow you to track the drone at a great distance and direct the rifle with its directional antennas to the object.

A wired remote control allows the user to monitor and control all jamming functions.

The jamming system includes two MIL-STD rechargeable lithium­ ion batteries for stand-alone operation for min. 45 minutes of continuous jamming. The jamming signal covers the standard RC frequencies of the drone, as well as the GSNS (Global Satellite Navigation System) signal used by drones to reach the target with autopilot. High gain spiral antennas efficiently transmit interference due to circular polarization.

The system is easy to transport and works within seconds. A robust IP66 shipping case and charger are included as standard.


  • Government locations, specific objects, airports, and more
  • Security organizations
  • Counter espionage
  • Prisons control – anti smuggling of weapons and other contraband
  • Border control


Distinctive Features

  • RC frequency jamming: covers all available civil drones
  • GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) jamming:GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou etc
  • Adjustable selective output power (up to 6 predefined output power levels for each band)
  • Frequency bands may be activated individually or simultaneously
  • High gain helical circularly polarized antennas
  • Plug & play changeable battery
  • Directional antennas for accurate and efficient jamming
  • Highly advanced RF filters for optimal power distribution
  • Ruggedized, portable, easy to carry
  • User friendly operation
  • Fast start-up time
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