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INT-AU002 represents the newest generation of Anti UAV systems. The system is a modern solution for the detection, identification and neutralization of UAVs, based on radar and radio frequency detection, optical identification and radio frequency interference. The INT-AU002 is compatible with our

30 radar, providing instrumental detection up to 10 km. Micro drones like the OJI Phantom are detectable within a 3km radius.

The system consists of a jamming system that blocks the UAV remote control frequencies, as well as the frequency bands of global satellite navigation systems.

Depending on the application and level of protection, the jamming system can be tuned based on bandwidth coverage and output power.

INT-AU002 is a modular system that can be used to independently detect or protect drones.

Integrated into a complete system (combination of detection and protection), RF jamming can occur automatically when the drone is detected or manually by the operator.

The antenna system consists of a set of high gain circularly polarized antennas ideal for suppressing control frequencies of objects moving horizontally and vertically.


Detection of drones

  • Long range detection range of up to 10 km
  • Drones with RCS of 0.01 m2 (f.e. OJI Phantom or similar) are spotted at 3km by means of radar system, RF detection system and camera system
  • 360° areas of coverage providing the fastest scan rate 1 Hz
  • 30 radar: detects flight altitude of drones
  • Radar Cross Section(RCS) value of 006 m2 is the smallest on the market
  • Electro-mechanical tilt of radar antenna angle is operated by means of remote control
  • Unlimited detected objects with auto-tracking capabilities
  • PTZ thermal & day camera to identify drones (option)
  • Auto-tracking of drones by camera (option)
  • Auto-positioning of drones with Pan-Tilt of camera
  • Distinguishing between birds and drones
  • Distinguishing of foe (unknown) and friendly (known) using rule policies (f.e. zones or intrusion zones, speed, flight al tude ).
  • Auto-alarm in case of drone


Drone Countermeasures

  • Jamming of Remote control frequency: covers all commercial UAVs
  • Jamming of Global Satellite Naviga on System: covers all world GSNS networks
  • Jamming area against distance of remote control to the drone is typically 100:1 (i.e. jamming area is 1OOx larger than distance from remote control to drone). The operating range depends on the distance between the RC and Drone
  • Circularly polarized high-gain antennas are attached to Pan-Tilt platform to track and jam the drones (omni-directional antennas can be provided as an option)
  • Pan-Tilt platform is connected with the radar (for automatic or manual drone tracking) or connected with camera for automatic drone tracking based on video tracking).
  • Automatic or manual by operator drone jamming
  • Upgrade options, new bands can be easily added any time
  • Each frequency band of the system is preprogrammed with advanced jamming features for coverage of the hostile signals with an adapted signal and modulation




  • The complete automated system provides Detection, Identification as well as Defeating processes. The system provides support of network centric operations.
  • Automatic Recording, Analyses and Report
  • The system is ideal for fixed and mobile All components are supplied in rugged cases for fast setup, installation, moving from one place to another and storage.
  • System includes dedicated tool cases for assembling, installation and maintenance works of the Radar-, Jamming-, RF Detection-, and Camera
  • Fusion of various Drone detectors (radar, RF)
  • System is compatible with third-party modules and other Anti Drone systems to enhance detection

Specifications of Jamming System

Jamming can be activated manually or automatically when the drone is detected by radar or RF detection. When a drone is detected by the radar, its position information is transmitted to the pan-tilt system of the jamming station to automatically position the directional antennas to the position of the drone (horizontally and vertically) and to perform accurate and focused transmition the jammer in the direction of the drone.

Command & Control Software

  • Following features of the detected drone are displayed:
  • GPS coordinates
  • Flight altitude (drone elevation)
  • Velocity
  • Radar cross sec on classification
  • Range (distance to drone)
  • Heading
  • Time
  • Automatic ID atiribution
    • User defined zones
    • Electro-mechanical remotely controlled antenna tilt
    • Manual and auto-tracking
    • Connection of various sensor sources
    • User defined, combined rules for radar alerts, based on drone’s features or zones: speed, distance, altitude, exclusion of sectors, intrusion sectors, entering a zone, leaving a zone, etc
    • User defined rules for jammer actions upon alert: jamming of individual frequency bands (or combined), duration of jamming, exclusion of jamming zones, behavior in case of detection of several targets (e.g. moving to target upon priorities, considering g. closest target, target with highest velocity, target entering defined zones etc.) Various rules may be combined
    • User defined rules for camera ac ons upon alert: duration of tracking, exclusion of zones, behavior in case of detection of several targets (e.g. moving to target upon priorities, considering g. closest target, target with highest velocity, target entering defined zones etc.). Various rules may be combined
    • Multi-sensor fusion: RF sensor (INT-AU005) integration for positioning of target and pilot
    • Recording of flight behavior
    • Automatic or manual transmission of alert through various means (audio, visual, SMS, email etc.)
    • Real Time information (UAV position) transmission to field operators for alert awareness
    • Transmission of map (picture) indica ng UAV position on mobile phone or Anti-UAV rifles (INT-AU003) mobile jamming system through secured application
    • Event log


The optronic system is a state-of-the-art modular, pan-tilt mounted, long-range camera system, based on the visible camera and a cooled thermal camera (various models).


  • Drone detection and identifica on
  • VIP infrastructure control and Protection
  • Border surveillance


  • Ultra-fast pan-tilt
  • Long detection distance for up to 8 km for micro-UAVs (e.g. OJI Phantom)
  • Full HD camera
  • Cooled MWI R
  • Video tracking capabilities
  • Slew-to-Cue Radar interfacing
  • Laser Range Finder (LRF), GPS, DMC
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