INT-AU002 Anti UAV System

INT-AU002 Anti UAV solution is aimed to reveal and eliminate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (or drones) of various sizes. The solution can be complemented by special dedicated radar system intended for searching of flying objects on far distances. Small objects can be revealed on the distance between two and four km away.

The jamming system is blocking the frequencies for impossibility of drones remote control operation. It is also capable of blocking Global Satellite Navigation Systems, which makes drones to fly using autopilot. It is possible to adapt the jamming system in terms of the output power and frequency. The system can be used for detection or defense of drones independently.

The complete solution is capable of operating in fully automatic mode (revealing the targets or defending) as well as in manual mode with operator support. The antenna features five (or customized) polarizing antennas.


  • Government locations, specific objects, airports, and more
  • Security organizations
  • Counter espionage
  • Prisons control – anti smuggling of weapons and other contraband
  • Border control


  • Up to 6km operating distance
  • 360 degrees operating area, scan rate 1 Hz
  • Radar Cross Section value of 0,006m2.
  • Multiobject tracking radar system
  • Optional thermal and color camera offers pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Optional thermal tracking of multiple objects
  • Cooled or uncooled thermal imager

UAV Anti Measures

  • Blocking of RC frequencies
  • Blocking of all satellite systems available globally
  • Omnidirectional/directional antennas
  • Antennas on pan-tilt platform help to follow and block drone
  • Optional pan-tilt platform

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