INT-AU001 Anti UAV Rifle

When a drone or a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is spotted, they need to be handled as quickly as possible. The anti UAV rifle is a fantastic was to deal with the problem and neutralize it. The binoculars will allow the drone to be tracked, and you can then place the mounted directional antennas toward the drone.
The rifle features an electronic jamming system inside the case. This can be converted into a pack with the harness, which is included. The jamming system includes rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries for an autonomy for an hour of constant jamming.
It can handle standard frequencies used for controlling drones remotely. It can also deal with Global Satellite Navigation System signals used by drones that are on autopilot. Helical high gain antennas transmit the jamming signal thanks to vertical and horizontal polarization.
It is easy to transport the drone defense rifle, and it only takes a matter of seconds to set it up.


  • Government locations, specific objects, airports, and more
  • Security organizations
  • Counter espionage
  • Prisons control – anti smuggling of weapons and other contraband
  • Border control


  • Blocking of RC frequencies
  • Directional antennas with vertical and horizontal polarizing
  • The jamming is precise due to directional beam antenna, so there is not collateral damage
  • Blocking of all satellite systems available globally
  • Transportation and use of the device are both quick and simple
  • Hundred meters to kilometers jamming range

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