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INT-AT005 is designed for reconnaissance, trawling of detonating and pressure sensors for anti-personnel landmines and improvised explosive devices, for delivering an explosive charge (standard destruction charges) weighing up to 25 kg and for the rapid collection of video and audio information in places that are difficult to access and dangerous to humans.


  • Remote-controlled booms for engaging subversive stretch marks
  • Remote-controlled plow for engaging pressurized explosive devices in the ground up to 3-5cm
  • Remote-controlled operation for uncoupling a trailer with a payload
  • Digital data transmission and control channel
  • Possibility of movement during a 180° flip (automatic flipping of the image on the remote control screen)
  • Reverse control – does not require a product turn
  • Digital rotary heading and stern video cameras
  • Possibility of climbing stairs using rods


The possibility of a coup using the rods

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