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The INT-A042 compact digital audio recorder provides the capabilities of the INT-A041 in a smaller format that can be easily concealed and camouflaged. It delivers the ability to record high-quality audio in a range of environments. The unit is protected by a strong metal case, and the INT-A042 Titanium offers a titanium case to block jammers and prevent damage from electromagnetic fields (similar to the INT-A041 Titanium).

The unit features a built-in mic, and automatically records to the onboard memory, which can be accessed and the data downloaded to a PC through a USB cable.


  • Miniaturized design
  • Highest recording quality with high SNR
  • Protected against interception
  • Protected against electromagnetic fields
  • Protected against jammers
  • Protected against unauthorized downloads (via PIN)
  • Manual/VOX/Loop/Timers operating modes
  • User friendly design
  • Authentication of recordings
  • Various camouflage options available
  • Status and battery indicators
  • Li-PO battery
  • Undetectable to recorder locators
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