The INT-A041 digital audio recorder offers high-performance recording capabilities for situations where the acoustic environment may be far from ideal. It is designed for voice recording, and is available in two versions.


  • INT-A041: This version offers a strong metal case for protection and durability.
  • INT-A041 Titanium: This version uses a titanium case that offers protection from electromagnetic fields, as well as from jamming equipment.

The INT-A041 is designed to record voice audio in virtually any situations. It can be utilized indoors for recording meets and negotiations, but it can also be used outdoors without any loss of recording quality. It features an onboard mic, but can also be used with an external microphone if necessary. The onboard mic offers the ability to record within a five-meter radius when used indoors, or a one to two-meter radius when used outdoors.

This unit offers continuous recording times up of up to 153 hours and has remote control functionality, as well. It is very well suited for the following uses:

  • Use by law enforcement in police cars, and during special operations.
  • Use by security services.
  • Use by emergency and rescue services during operations.
  • Any professional setting where voice recording is necessary, including negotiations, consultations and meetings.


  • Up to 153 hours of recording time (continuous)
  • Use either the onboard mic or an external mic
  • Capable of recording even in harsh acoustic conditions
  • VOX
  • Undetectable by kinematic locators
  • Protected from jammers
  • User friendly design and functionality
  • Built-in timers
  • Loop recording
  • Manual and automatic audio recording via VOX or preset time
  • Control basic functions remotely
  • Pin code (security protection against theft download)
  • Protection against interception
  • Battery condition and operating mode indicator
  • High quality audio recording
  • Recording authentication
  • Low power dissipation

Users can activate or deactivate the unit with one button, and controls are located on the front panel for simple operation. The remote allows users to check battery level and charging progress, as well as changing operating modes.

The INT-A041 features onboard memory, and all audio is recorded to that memory. The high input sensitivity means that even noisy environments will not pose a challenge.

Recording Modes

Use either of two recording modes with this device:

  • Automatically record until the memory is full.
  • Loop recording offers the ability to write over previously stored data.

Recording Quality

Benefit from two audio quality levels:

  • High quality offers a sampling rate up to 32kHz and recording times of 76 hours.
  • Medium quality offers a sampling rate of 16kHz and up to 153 hours of recording time.

The unit relies on a built-in Li-Ion battery that automatically charges when connected to a PC or to the included charger. The LED indicator on the front of the device indicates charge level.

Retrieving recorded audio is done by downloading the information and replaying it through the proprietary software that accompanies the INT-A041. This does require the use of a PC or laptop, and audio data must be saved to the hard drive in order to be accessed (requires sufficient free space for audio files). Note that these will be saved as WAV files. A USB-USB-micro cable is required for downloading data to a PC. Using the PIN code (user programmable) prevents unauthorized downloading of files.

The PC or laptop will also be needed to configure settings and functionality on the device, as well as for recording authentication (detecting data changes, as well as verifying audio recorder identity). The unit ships in a plastic case for easy storage and transport.

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