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INT-A038-1, INT-A038-2
Audio Transmitter / Receiver System via Telephone Line


The INT-A038-1, INT-A038-2 units monitor the acoustic within a room, and then transmit audio via an existing telephone line at
unnoticeable levels. Note that the INT-A038-1 uses an analog channel, while the INT-A038-2 uses a digitally encrypted channel.

Both units are implemented as a PCB-type base with a durable plastic covering. Both come equipped with a telephone line connection, as well as a connection for an external mic. Connecting to telephone lines is done through a parallel connection.

The receiver for these units features a sturdy metallic case for protection, has built-in jacks for connecting a headset, an external recording device, telephone cables and an external PSU. The receiver provides volume control, on/ off functionality, battery condition and the presence of an external PSU. Note that the INTA038-2 unit offers Delta modulation automatic decryption, and can be combined with the commutating device INT-A038-2 Commutator intended for gain control and data transfer between lines and avoid the PBX.

No interference is created in the phone line by connecting either transmitter, and the line can be used as normal when the transmitter is installed.

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