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INT-A037-1, INT-A037-2
Audio Transmitter / Receiver System via Mains


These systems provide the ability to monitor and transmit acoustics in a room. Any acoustic data obtained is transmitted along 220V main power lines at virtually undetectable levels. Note that the INT-A037-1 unit is analog, while the INT-A037-2 offers digital channel encryption.

Both units are designed as a printed circuit boards (PCBs) with a durable plastic covering. Each features an external mic and connections for 220v mains.

The receiver (works with both units) features a sturdy metal case for protection. Transmitters connect to 220V mains through a parallel connection, and the receiver connected to mains provides a connection point for monitoring. The receiver has in-built jacks for mains, headset, external recording devices, external PSU. The receiver provides tuning possibilities – on/off, volume level, frequency. INT-A037-2 receiver offers Delta modulation, offering automatic decryption of encrypted signals. The External magnetic antenna connected to receiver delivers the means to achieve a contactless method to obtain audio data when placed as close as possible to 220V mains.

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