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INT-A032, INT-A033
Devices for Monitoring Room Acoustics and Telephone Lines


Both the INT-A032 and INT-A033 are intended for capturing audio from acoustic environment or phone line and transmitting data on an RF link. The units offer parallel connections for telephone line attachment, thus neither device creates interference. The INT-A032’s transmission level is 5 mW, while the INT-A033’s transmission level is 3mW. Note that the INT-A033 offers Delta modulation for transmission encryption. However, the INT-A032 uses an open RF link.

Both devices offer the ability to capture acoustics in the room when the telephone receiver is on the cradle. When the telephone receiver is off the cradle, the device transmits the audio data taken from the phone conversation (not room acoustics). All current needed for operation is supplied via the phone line. Note that an audio receiver is necessary with both transmitters.

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