The INT-A028 series of multichannel receivers provides powerful operation and each unit is designed to receive RF linked audio signal from either GMSK or WFM-based transmitter units. All units offer an operation frequency range of 416 MHz to 421 Mhz.

Physical Units

Four units comprise this series, and are as follows:

  • INT-A028-1 – This is a base unit, a multichannel receiver.
  • INT-A028-2 – This upgraded version of the base unit includes a Delta modulation decoder.
  • INT-A028-3 – This model combines the base unit with an audio recorder.
  • INT-A028-4 – This unit combines Delta modulation capabilities with an audio recorder, and the capabilities of the base unit.

Note that both INT-A028-1 and INT-A028-3 can only receive data via open RF link, while INT-A028-2 and INT-A028-4 can utilize an encrypted link. Both INT-A028-3 and INT-208-4 provide a recording system.

Features of Note

The INT-A028 multichannel receiver series brings with it a host of important features to note. These include:

  • All units provide 10 channels, and you can set/save frequencies through the buttons on the unit.
  • All units feature squelch control.
  • All units offer high sensitivity.
  • Delta modulation decrypter is automatic (on equipped units) when the unit receives an encrypted signal.
  • Audio recording capacity ranges from 9 to 19 hours depending on the selected quality. The data is saved to the onboard flash memory. On request, recording time can be increased to 38 hours maximum. All recorded data can be protected with a PIN code.
  • Reduced current dissipation for longer use life.
  • Can connect to external PSU
  • User friendly design
  • Charge USB devices easily

Note that all multichannel receivers within this series are compatible with our transmitters. Each one uses WFM-modulation, as well as Delta modulation (INT-A028-2 and INT-A028-4 only). They use the 416-421 MHz operating range.

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