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Multipurpose Audio Transmitter


The INT-A001 is intended for audio data transmission from room acoustic and telephone lines. The device features the ability to choose a specific operating mode and preferred function within a range of potential combinations. Selection can be made using an internal selector integral to the unit or with the remote (note the remote is sold separately).

  • Control transmission level to increase operating time and reduce the potential for detection at low transmission level, or increase power levels to boost transmission range.
  • Save power and battery life with on/off VOX Functionality.
  • Operate the unit at a distance with the remote control (on/off functionality built in).
  • Turn the transmitter on or off with the remote.


Models Available:

  1. INT-A001-1 – This is basic multipurpose audio transmitter.
  2. INT-A001-2 – This includes the basic audio transmitter, but adds digital encryption for each channel.
  3. INT-A001-3 – Includes the basic audio transmitter, as well as the remote control unit.
  4. INT-A001-4 – This unit includes transmitter, remote control, digital encryption.



Note that these units can use one of three sensors for capturing audio:

  1. INT-A001-M: A wired microphone for use in capturing audio within the environment.
  2. INT-A001-I: An inductive sensor attached to a telephone line.
  3. INT-A001-S: A stethoscope-style sensor used to capture audio information through walls and other construction features.


Note that you must have an audio receiver to receive transmitted audio.


Functions & Operations:

  1. Monitor acoustics with an external wired microphone, or telephone line communications with an external induction sensor.
  2. Provides both opened and closed RF link with Delta modulation. This eliminates the potential for the audio signal to be intercepted.
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